Friday, September 21, 2012

A Positive SDAI Strategy


Hi Class:

A positive SDAIE strategy that I have observed in my classroom is the use of manipulatives, or realia. 

While the students were learning about elements and compounds, my CT was passing tests tubes with some elements that the students were able to observe.They were in sealed plastic tests tubes, so it was a risk free activity because the students were not in contact with poisonous elements like mercury or lead.

There were more manipulatives for that lesson, for compounds he showed a big copper sulfate crystal and some rocks. With the rocks my CT showed a solid heterogeneous mixtures.

This kind of strategy allows our EL students to see the objects that the teacher is talking about. That help with understanding and acquisition of new words. 

So we can look around our house for objects that can help our students to understand new words. What do you think?

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