Sunday, September 2, 2012

Social Injustice

We are what we eat...

What do you think about the food that is offered to our students during lunch?
•Is it healthy?
•Is it right for them?
•What eating habits are we promoting among our kids?
•Is it OK to have a slice of pizza, a hamburger or a fried chicken sandwich every single day?
For me school lunch is Social Injustice.
What do you think?


  1. Sadly, I think that pizza looks delicious! But I know it is not healthy to eat everyday. We need to show our students that too. There is so much talk about healthier lunches for students right now I can only hope that more school districts begin making it! I understand how hard it must be though to make healthy food kids and teens WANT to eat.

  2. Heidy, this is a great example! What are we teaching kids when we classify the tomato sauce on pizza as a vegetable and condone processed, preservative-rich junk daily? How else are students supposed to learn how to choose nutritious foods if we don't model it? However, quality food is much more expensive. I think the lack of access to healthy, affordable food is an injustice in itself.

  3. I agree with Kyleigh...I think that slice of pizza looks delicious as well. And it probably isn't as unhealthy as a burger or fried chicken. At our school, they offer pizza, turkey sandwiches, chicken w/ rice and burritos as main dishes. They also offer salads, yogurt parfaits, and pita w/ hummus and veggies. I think the selection is pretty healthy. I often get my lunch at the eatery because I fly out of the house in the morning without packing a lunch.

  4. Heidy,

    I think the students should be eatting healthier food. They need to eat right so they can stay healthy and stay in school. I hope that in the future schools will promote healthier meals so our kids wont be obese and they can have more energy to participate in class and not get caught trying to nap or zone out! Great post!


  5. I agree with what is said. There is a way for the school system to offer healthier foods, but the question is "why don't they do it?" I suspect that it is a way to cut into the funding that they get. I bought a lunch from my school site and got "ripped off". I was offered a small slice of pizza, nothing like the one in your picture, a small carton of chocolate milk, and about 10 purple grapes. My total due was $3.75. That money is obviously covering more than the cost of that measly meal. So, they offer cheap, unhealthy foods to make a profit.

  6. Food service is a really tiresome battle for many administrators because they have to balance the free and reduced lunch program. If a school offers free and reduced lunches to low socio-economic students, so many students MUST eat their meal a day. If students don't eat their meals then the program can be taken away, and for some students, that might be the only meal they get a chance to eat. In order to keep their program, the administrators have to provide food that the students will be willing to eat-unhealthy or not. It's an unfortunate situation, and I feel like school lunch programs are helpless.